Join Partnership COVID-19 Relief

The affects of COVID-19 are showing in Pamlico County. PPFC has been posed to help provide aid to the children and families of Pamlico County critically affected.
Many people have had their work hours reduced, have been laid off, or even lost their business . With the entire family at home there is a rise in the utility, gas and food bills, rent or mortgage have not been paid but are still owed....

Several years ago PPFC established the Family Intervention and Outreach Program, this fund provided relief during hurricane Florence and continues to provide a "boost" to families that display self-sufficiency and a drive to provide for their families.

Just this week we heard of a single mother of two young children who has been laid off,  even  though her utility will not be disconnected it continues to rise and is now over  $600.00, how will she ever be able to afford that?
After a complete assessment and partnering with other agencies, together  we were able to help cover the cost of her utility and get the family back on track.

Currently PPFC is also feeling the affects of COVID, the inability to hold fundraisers is creating a deficit in funds that support programs such as Family Outreach and Intervention.

Thank you for donating to support all programs and activities of PPFC

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